Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Spin Spa or Sleep?

I am a sucker for a good commercial. While I stated fuel efficiency as the primary factor in buying my volkswagon jetta diesel, it was really the commercial that initially got me - "Safe Happens." I don't know why, I should be smarter than that. For god's sake I used to work in marketing/advertsing, so I understand the psychology that goes behind these ads.

Nonetheless, whether it is the Folger's commercial with Peter coming home for Xmas or the "can you hear me now?" commercial from Verizon, I love a good piece of messaging. Which brings me to the long lost art of the infomercial, or perhaps not so lost. I come from a long lineage of infomercial addicts. I am pretty sure my father was the first person ever to purchase the Nordic Track over 20 years ago. And frankly, it changed his life. To this day he will claim it is still one of the most effective pieces of exercise equipment on the market - and he would know. All this from a sleepless night and an effective infomercial campaign. This addiction has translated in many ways for my sisters and I. I recall a vivid memory when I was 7 years old and my sister and I watching a Sally Struther's Save The Children infomercial. Overwhelmed with the need to help, my sister ordered me to go get our mom's credit card. I did and ordered a child we did. I can only hope that this had some impact on our lives and committment to act as socially responsible individuals. What I have realized is that the common thread and perhaps success of the infomercial industry is pretty much contingent on "the sleeples night."

Luckily we have all learned to tame our infomercial addiction both through perspective and adopting effective sleep strategies. Sure I find myself reaching for a pen and paper every now and then after seeing the Yoga Booty Ballet infomercial, but I am reminded of lessons learned and am able to turn the tv off.

So, the next time you find yourself about to purchase the spinspa or cutco knives (both recent purchases from members in my family), take a deep breath and try some of these relaxation techniques or sleep aids that will help you get that much deserved night's rest. Sweet dreams.


Jonas said...

My friend Ron once told me that "the PASTAbilities are endless!"

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