Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Change - One (Green) Step at a Time

When I decided to purchase a Jetta Diesel, I will admit a big draw was the gas mileage (30mpg). But as I performed further research, I realized that contrary to previous misconceptions, diesel is actually a cleaner burning fuel, and thus my new found support of green activism was launched. Despite majoring in Environmental Studies and even working for the Sierra Club early in my career, I admit to not living up to my "green" potential in recent years. But after years of feeling overwhelmed with the amount of evidence encouraging the need to make a change, I had finally found a tangible way to make an impact. I have even gone so far as to living in a "green home."

With growing interest in hybrid cars, organic foods/eating, and global warming an increased cultural awareness linking our global health in relation to personal health exists. It is clear that sustainability and green living ranks high on consumers priority. As a result, businesses and corporations are taking notice! We can no longer deny that we can make a difference, the question is how. And while not everyone can go out and by a hybrid car, there are simple tangible steps that we each can take. One good resource is Ideal bite. Sign on to their tip newsletter and get the Green Tuesday Discount and guidance on how to shop "green" this holiday season. Change can be as simple as coupling our awareness with our actions.

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