Monday, December 4, 2006

Belly Meet Brain, Brain Meet Belly

I glorify the importance of trusting yourself and listening to your gut quite frequently. The truth is, much easier said than done. However, there are clear moments when our gut literally speaks to us. It is the butterflies of meeting someone for the first time or the knots in our stomach before a presentation. And thanks to a really fascinating book by Marc David called "The Slow Down Diet - Eating for Pleasure, Energy, and Weight Loss," he explains this phenomenon on physiological terms. All of these physiological disturbances are tied to the ENS - Enteric Nervous System which is often referred to as the brain in the belly. It is literally your nervous system talking to you. Your ENS has its own metabolic rules which are your rules. He states that "the expert within you will help you choose which experts to follow outside of you."

In a time when experts are a dime a dozen, this is sound advice in moving through the information trenches and empowering ourselves with the relevant advice and information that makes sense for us. Check out the book for an insightful and innovative approach to weight loss. And to all my skeptic peeps out there, now that you physiologically understand your gut, TRUST IT.


Jonas said...

Is that why I puke my guts out right before every time I have to give a speech? Huh. I'll read the book.

MeggyD said...

What do you do when your ENS seems to be on automatic override?