Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Oprah Goes Green

I will be the first to admit that I am borderline Oprah obsessed. Back before the days of Tivo, I literally positioned my jobs so that I could be home in time to watch Oprah. Well, thanks to technology and a little perspective, I learned to tame my Oprah cravings. But lately, its as if she and I are aligned (go girlfriend!), with yesterday's show featuring Muhammed Yunus and the concept of micro-lending and today's show featuring Al Gore and his documentary "An Incovenient Truth" (now available on DVD), it is clear that Oprah is going green. The green blogosphere has been highlighting this show for weeks thrilled that the "O" factor would be touching this movement.

I just finished watching the show and basically it was a plug for the DVD and ultimately Al Gore should he decide to position himself for future political endeavors (but I am not a politico, I will leave it to the experts to advise that effort). For better or worse there is no denying the "O" factor which we can only hope will translate into a heightened awareness of the green movement and global warming.

One of the skeptics on the show stated that Al Gore is trying to "scare us green." I think this is a relevant point because when we see evidence that is shown in "An Inconvenient Truth," the steps to take action can seem paralyzing. And while fear may be an initial response, it is our duty as citizens to take that moment of pause, and connect with that deeper message so we are not acting from a place of fear (which will only create more fear), but from a place creating lasting change for the future.

In true Oprah style, she leads us in this effort in giving some excellent recommendations to go green this holiday season. Check it out. And if you have seen the DVD, perhaps buy it for someone who you feel could use some education, and if not, buy it for yourself - Oprah says so.

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