Friday, December 21, 2012

Looks Like We Made It - Now What?

This is a meaningful day for so many reasons that range from the light hearted to the heart breaking. On the upside, it marks our survival as a human species according to Mayan Calendar predictions of December 21, 2012 being the end of it all. But, even more importantly, I can listen with pride to Barry Manilow's Looks Like We Made it without embarrassment. (Non-tangential note: I (along with my entire family) are closet Barry Manilow fanatics, always have been,  but oh man those lyrics - pure magic). 

I have been a long believer in the Mayan Calendar and its prediction of December 21, 2012 as not necessarily the end of our physical civilization, but as a shift in our collective consciousness. As demonstrated by  recent personal and global circumstances, so many of us are being presented the opportunity to do the deep inner work of moving from our own personal darkness and into the light centers of our hearts and soul. To seek support outside of ourselves, and to love, simply love.  

Like so many people in the world, my heart is so heavy and deeply saddened by the events in Connecticut one week ago.  It is hard to comprehend how such a tragedy is even possible. And as a human being working to live a conscious lifestyle, I find myself even more perplexed yet simultaneously aware of this cosmic shift in consciousness that we are in the midst of.  This multi-faceted state of awareness where darkness and light are so completely intertwined, as we witness the tragedy being met with inspired acts of generosity, love, and support to a community that is simply evolved and epitomizes the way we all need to be coming together right now.  

The evolution of our spirits and higher selves is no longer a choice, but a natural calling for so many people right now to live with our hearts wide open, to have a faith in something greater than ourselves (however you wish to define that), and to realize we simply can't do it alone.  

Let the Mayan  prediction represent a time for us to release the doomsday fears, and for this to be a call for all of us to connect with each other in ways that we could never imagine. To hug one another closer.  To see our worlds as communities to nurture, love, support and grow together. To look each other in the eye for a bit longer than normal and literally see our reflections in every other person we encounter. To forgive those who have hurt us and have compassion with the fact that we are all doing the best we can, but collectively can now each strive to do better.  Where precious awareness is paramount and gratitude is our compass. 

So as we head into the holidays with our friends and family, let us be reminded of our collective human connection and the ultimate powerful impact of love, support and community. And maybe, just maybe, listen to a little bit more Barry Manilow.