Sunday, December 3, 2006

Let Go!

December 4 marks the official last full moon of 2006. Different from a new moon that symbolizes a time of new beginnings, a full moon is a time of releasing the past. Since this is the last full moon of the calendar year, it is an opportune time to reflect upon this past year with gratitude (including the hardships) and let go of the past in order to make room for the new year ahead. When stating intentions, possible phrasing might include: I now release _____ from my life. I now end my preoccupation with______. Remember, think and envision as though you have already let go of what you have released.

While I could rant on about the spiritual significance, I thought I would provide some interesting factoids/mythology from some full moon enthusiasts. "The human body is made up of 94% water. It would stand to reason then, if the moon affects huge oceans, that it would have some influence over us. Although scientists have been inconclusive in finding that criminal behavior rises during a full moon, people working in the medical and law inforcement professions report higher incidences of 911 calls, increased rates of violent crimes, murder, vandalism, arson and suicide, while emergency rooms swell to full capacity. There are also more reported cases of sleep disorders such as sleep walking. People become more restless and agitated during a Full Moon. They feel a strange intensity or connection with it, as if an unexplained serge of energy were rushing through them, and are apt to do bizarre things that is totally out of character for them." But this is just one perspective and plenty of skeptics could argue otherwise.

(Ir)Regardless, whether you need an excuse to act loony and howl at the moon, or are simply in a place to let go of those things no longer necessary for your growth and are ready to make room for the serendipitous events waiting to be revealed, capitalize on this December full moon to support you.

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Jonas said...

That PDD is clearly up to any challenge (ir)regardless of the degree of difficulty. Full moons rock.