Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dreams, Desires, and Diets?

With the onset of the new year comes the information overload regarding new year's resolutions and diet. The use of the word "diet" is becoming less about a quick fix and more about a "lifestyle change." While it sounds like a cliche, I have realized that most cliches exist in large part because they are true. There are some great resources to help sift through the diet debacle including diet television or soon to be launched Natural Path for alternative perspectives to diet and health. Frontline also featured a great piece recently featuring the top diet experts from South Beach, Atkins, Weight Watchers and the politics of the diet culture.

IMHO, a key ingrediant to achieving results rests in your desires. Growing up in a very strategic oriented family, I have been articulating my goals since birth, so the new year always presents a golden opportunity to visualize my future and create the tangible steps and milestones to achieve it. Last year, I felt more stifled by the prospect of goal setting and vowed that my one resolution was to have no resolution. At first it was as if I had to rewire my brain to not think according to goals, but it helped me to live more in the moment with intention and less focus on outcomes.

When I started studying feng shui, the power of intentions was brought to a heightened perspective in my eyes. With further study into the law of attraction and now movies detailing this phenomenton such as The Secret, it is more clear than ever the amazing power our thoughts and words have on our realities. So however you choose to think about the new year ahead, let it start with your intentions and how you want to feel this year.

Here are some sample intentions as related to the Bagua in Feng Shui regarding the health and family sector of your home. They give a good example of using verbage in a positive manner.

• I am a vibrantly healthy person.
• My health is excellent in every way.
• I enjoy wonderful relationships with my family.
• I enjoy harmonious relationships with my friends.
• I am blessed with vibrant health and loving relationships.

At the end of the day, it is about feeling your desires and letting the magic unfold. However you choose to dream your dreams, they are waiting to be fulfilled - just ask my friend Brian.


Jonas said...

Brian is so lucky...I'm jealous.
As for the new year and the goal setting and all like that, I can't wait for Paige to inspire me toward incremental progress starting with the Ultimate Challenge.

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