Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy First Day of Fall

I have been in such a green frenzy lately that I have stepped a bit of course in terms of my own wellness. But as the September full moon approaches on September 26 and with the recent fall equinox I am naturally drawn into a state of reflection of the old and inspiration for the new.

Thanks to my friend and owner of Solid Gold Academy she has propelled me into a renewed state of health and pampering with some amazing tips below (don't worry it is all green and all about taking care of the most important person out there - you!) Check it out and Happy First Day of Fall!

Fall is the time of the year that introspection comes in to play. We are now to take a long look at how we spent the last six months being productive, give thanks, and bring it down a notch. Take care of YOU for the next couple of months. That being said here are some
ways to keep your skin and hair looking their best for the season.....

  • Exfoliate and peel dead skin naturally with a weekly Pineapple Pulp Mask(see under)
  • It is getting cooler our and it's just the way it is, your body will naturally store fat to protect you from the cooler weather. Limit animal fat but increase your intake of vegetable fats. Eat an avacado at least once a week and more seeds, nuts, and olive oil.
  • Sprinkle an additional teaspoon of ground flaxseed on your cereal, cooked veggies, or salads. This will bring out beauty and luster in your hair and skin.
  • Perform a 1-Day Super Cleanse once this season, where you consume only pineapple and papaya and water for the entire day. They promote detoxification and the extra fiber will help cleanse your system and allow for more efficient elimination of toxins.

  • Cut up a fresh pineapple. Grind it up and take the pulp to your face and neck. This is a powerful natural peel that helps remove dead skin. Leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

For those in Austin, check out Solid Gold's amazing fall offer:
  • Receive either 6 Microderms, glycolic peels or enzymes for $175. This means committment! Once a week for 6 weeks and you WILL see a big difference in the texture and feel of your skin.
  • Don't forget 1/2 off week and this is the last week for $50 1.5 hour massages.

Contact Anya Jack at:
1601 East 5th Street No. 102

Monday, September 24, 2007

An Idealist View of Climate Change Conspiracy

A friend recently asked me my opinion on Bjorn Lomborg, who is creating a great deal of controversy with his new book Cool It, The Skeptical Environmental Guide to Global Warming. I was a bit embarrassed because while I had a rough recollection of what he was talking about, I couldn't currently engage in debate. But thanks to a recent posting on green LA girl, then it came flooding back to me. After first hearing about Bjorn in 2003 via a New York Times article, I immediately dismissed this man's viewpoint. I appreciate a good alternative perspective just like the next gal, but I live according to an idealistic (and probably somewhat naive) philosophy to not committ my energy to negative views that are clearly misaligned and lack credibility. The NYTimes article described Lomborg as:
An author whose upbeat analysis of environmental trends has been embraced by conservatives, displayed ''scientific dishonesty'' in his popular book, ''The Skeptical Environmentalist.'' Professor Lomborg, who has a doctorate in political science and teaches statistics at the University of Aarhus, has portrayed the book as an unbiased scientific refutation of dire pronouncements by environmental groups. But it has been attacked as deeply flawed by many environmental scientists since its publication in English in 2001 by Cambridge University Press.
Let's assume that perhaps the whole climate change awareness is all a big scheme based in no reality. As I see it, there are two major outcomes of this supposed "falsified theory":

1. A raised consumer awareness of individuals taking notice of their impact on the environment and making tangible personal and global changes to alleviate that.

2. Corporations stepping up to the plate at a level of transparency regarding social responsibility and green initiatives that is making noticeable industrial reductions.

So even if the concern of global warming is not real (which it is), these are pretty impactful outcomes that are only producing positive benefits for our personal and environmental welfare. This may be too "The Secret" for some, but if we keep drawing our attention to those things that negate what we are trying to accomplish, those things are only going to gain more attention and unfortunately gain ignorant validation. So while I wish I had the where withall to properly debate my friend's inquiry into the ridiculous claims of Lomberg's new book and (I know, I know I am trying to let it go:-), thank goodness for the good, articulate, and intelligent folks of grist to do the hard work for me and rebuke Lomberg's latest efforts to derail what is a positive movement for change. Check out the three part theory debunking many of Lomberg's claims including:

The great polar bear irony
Lomborg misrepresents possible sea level rise
Lomborg's a real nowhere man

We are at such an exciting time where we have a collective opportunity to truly make a difference in simplifying our lives, conserving our planet's resources, and make a real statement of affirmation to all the conspiracy theorists out there. Stay in the light people:-)