Thursday, December 14, 2006

Insights of a Packing System Convert

My father has three brothers and they all have this odd obsession with luggage or now more modernly termed "packing systems." It is entertaining to watch them share insights and compare different features on their most recent purchases. This obsession has existed for years, and while I caught inklings of it growing up through enthusiastic purchases around school backpacks, I never really got what it was about.....until now.

As I prepare for 10 days of international travel, I decided to casually explore the whole world of packing systems. It didn't take but 5 minutes at REI and I was hooked. Good lord, the technology and special features in some of these systems that ensures the most efficient use of space is simply amazing. And I am a Feng Shui professional, so when it comes to good use of space, I have the official word:-)

It doesn't stop with the actual piece of luggage, there is a whole world of packing accessories. The compression sac for instance is beyond amazing, it reminds me of the food saver infomercial, but for travel. I realize my enthusiasm is bordering pathetic. But I have 8 days worth of clothes in a carry on system with a detachable backpack, and there is simply no other word than thrilling. Is this a genetic obession? Perhaps, or maybe it is simply a sign that I need to get away and get some perspective. But, if for nothing else, I hope this blog reaches my father and uncles with my deepest apologies for the mockery, sarcasm, and banter I have thrown at you over the years for what I now clearly understand is not simply a quirky obsession. At the end of the day, it is about simplifying our lives and if it takes a piece of luggage to remind us of this, so it goes.

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