Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Yin/Yang of a Sinus Cold

Whether aware of it or not, my life has embodied the yin and yang of relationships, situations, and experiences. It is the conflict of living in the moment while simultaneously planning for the future. It is the inspiration to think outside the box while not abandoning the linear thought processes of logic. More specifically and literally, yin and yang is east meets west. So when my annual arrival of the sniffles so eloquently kicked me on my a_s as it usually does this time of year, I thought I would share the inner workings of an alternative health advocate raised in a western medical society in the midst of sinus misery.

  • Day 1 morning- feel a tickle in the throat and pressure on my left sinus, but quickly attribute it to texas allergies/cedar fever, afterall despite living here for 5 years and never suffering, everyone else is complaining; calmly refer to my Lousie Hay book of healing and manically cite the healing mantras to myself
  • Day 1 night - wake up in the middle of the night with pounding sinus headache and congestion; in act of desperation while still reciting my mantras grab the benadryl allergy
  • Day 2 morning- wake up with benadryl hangover and am reminded why I don't take benadryl
  • Day 2 mid morning - drive to whole foods and load up on all the homeopathic remedies (oscillo, B12 drops, and a neti pot)
  • Day 2 noon - convince myself I am feeling better and go about my day/evening which happens to be New Year's Eve (oops)
  • Day 3 morning- wake up miserable, justify using sudafed while still maintaining my homeopathic regime
  • Day 4 early morning - totally give in and admit I am sick and have to work; take sudafed, oscillo, drops and my green food drink; fake it to my best ability to be the charming pilates teacher adding extra sets of leg springs so I can subtley blow my nose and counter with the hand sanitizer
  • Day 4 mid morning - call my acupuncturist and make appointment for next day (unrelated - call for a haircut appt as well, it usually helps), stay on the sudafed and homeopathy and struggle whether to go to walgreens and get the good stuff - "the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever so you can rest medicine" of Nyquil - I opt out
  • Day 4 evening - finally give in; I am sick, miserable, and crying; call mom/dad who offer nothing concrete, but feel better anyways; have some vegan soup; take a hot bath with epson salts and fall asleep to my subliminal "get healthy" meditation playing on my ipod
  • Day 5 - still pretty sniffly in the morning; eyes puffy from crying, but make it through the day; feel better after acupuncture and am on the up and up, even manage to train my evening clients with my usual pilates charm:)

Anyone who knows me can attest that I never take things at face value and am always looking for "lessons learned." I know I am quick to preach to others the benefits of alternative therapies, so it is quite humbling to share my sinus woes. No matter what, I stick to my roots in my belief that any illness no matter how minor or major has something to teach us. While I am sure there is some deeper meaning, if nothing else, this minor health set back reminded me I am human and sometimes you just have to stop fighting the illness (yang) and let go and be sick (yin). Regardless, it is about blending eastern and western remedies (acupuncture with sudafed:-), and the artful negotiation of yin/yang to achieve balance - a lesson I will take with me into the New Year. In health and happiness - Happy New Year!

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Jonas said...

I just hope my "a_s" doesn't catch a cold anytime soon.