Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hormonal Parody

I was watching Larry King the other night and Suzanne Somers (yes. Chrissy Snow of Three's Company) was defending her book regarding bioidentical hormones . While the topic of hormones (synthetic and bioidentical) and the issue of menopause is very critical for millions of women, watching this cast of characters was like watching a parody on Saturday Night Live. The show consisted of four women and two men. One of the men was a Dr. and the other was Larry King, neither could get a word in edgewise. Suzanne Somers was so hyped up and defensive she was ironically bringing heightened awareness to the menopausal stereotypes.

While I am thrilled that Suzanne Somers' has found something that works for her and respect the work she has done to write the book, it is merely one perspective. Her manic claim that she feels 30 years younger was a little disturbing. I am 30 years younger than her and frankly she was freaking me out:-)

The truth is, there are hundreds of opinions and at the end of the day it is about each woman feeling empowered to trust her instinct and couple it with the research and questioning the "experts" to find the correct formula of remedy that works for them. A real expert is going to respect the questions and work with you to address them. They won't be going on a tiraid of defensiveness. The days of looking for a quick fix for better or worse no longer exists. With the rise of the internet and the wealth of information at our fingertips, and a growing awareness both intiuitively as individuals and globally as a conscious force we are destined to learn how to question ourselves and the expert opinions until we discover what works for us. And it is going to be different for each person.

So watch the shows, read the books, ask questions of the experts like Dr. Erika Schwartz and begin to trust yourself, because this is the only formula for a quick fix these days. Trial and error should be looked upon as an adventure to our journey of healing. Embrace it.

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gene said...

I am overjoyed to read a blog comment like yours. It is time for women to take responsibility for creating a positive outcome in their lives and it all starts with health.
While my voice may sometimes be drowned by noise, I am here to serve women and will never waver in my commitment to you.
Thank you for your post
Erika Schwartz, MD