Sunday, January 7, 2007

Can I get an Amen!

I have a confession. I tend to be an early riser and on weekends I have been known to stumble out of a sleepy slumber to turn on the TV to 90210 reruns. Well recently, I stumbled onto something or shall I say someone much more enlightening - Joel Osteen. Now I realize my grandparents are probably turning in their graves that their nice jewish grandaughter who they so beautifully instilled typical jewish values would listen to this born again preacher, but as I have said before, I am a sucker for a good brand. And when it comes to branding, it doesn't get better than Joel Osteen. He is charismatic, humble, gracious and has an amazing positive message without shoving it in your face. He talks from personal experiences as his book, video, and dvd payment info fades in and out of the bottom of the screen. He subtly quotes the scripture as his tour dates roll across the upper part of the screen. And most importantly, he speaks in humble graciousness of his own struggles while the camera pans in and out of his beautiful wife and perfect children.

But his message is clear, and despite religious lines and politics it is about stepping into faith, however you wish to define it. It is about embracing our lives with the positive know-how that we deserve all that we desire, and moving forward with full accountability and integrity as our compass.

Don't worry, I usually pry myself away at the end of the 30 minute broadcast before he asks the audience to recite their commitment to Jesus Christ as their Savior. That is usually when I go refill on a cup of coffee, look at my Buddha in the south window, and roll my chinese coins (or three nickles which works equally well) for my I Ching reading of the day:-)

Note: This blog entry was in no way endorsed by Joel Osteen as a person, Joel Osteen events, or Joel Osteen products.

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Jonas said...

Glad to see you've joined us, the Jews for Joel movement. I have been a pretty humungo fan of ol' Pastor Osteen for awhile - I mean what is not to love about that smile plastered across that screen and his so damn positive messages? Plus, how awesome is it he he bought the old home of the Rockets in Houston and has converted it into a megachurch? The guy gets it. He's a real it-getter. Almost on par with the Reverend Creflo A. Dollar, my personal fave.