Sunday, June 22, 2008

Caught In A Green Moment

When it comes to being green, I have come full circle and seem to be coming around again. My journey began back in college as a journalism and environmental science major. My first job out of college was actually with the Sierra Club in San Francisco. So I can fully appreciate all shades of green from the old school treehuggers to the eco-chic trendiness that is taking hold.

While I grew up in Oklahoma, I spent the early part of my professional career in San Francisco where I Iiterally rode the dotcom boom and bust. So I am aware and keen on the excitement surrounding new trends, innovation, and the feared bubble aspect of this new green wave.

When I moved to Austin, Texas several years ago, I tried to nurture a different side of my green roots by focusing on health and wellness. After five years being a co-owner of a successful pilates studio, my entrepreneurial inner voice started to buzz once again, and I found myself back in the Bay Area and in the throws of the new green and sustainable bubble.

I epitomized all aspects of green trendiness. I blogged about celebrities going green. I carried an eco-chic reusable bag and a Sigg reusable water bottle. I drove around via Zipcar and even took public transportation on occasion (which for anyone who knows me is somewhat unheard of). And while I was filled with inspiration by this new voice of sustainability, I grew homesick for my home in Austin and all of the things that make this thriving city with all its hip and trendy development still feel like a quaint small town. Austin has this unique sense of community that really embraces the ability to make real impact. This combined with a commitment to bring a little piece of the green bubble back to Texas served as the primary catalysts for my latest venture. Over the last several months I have adapted back into my down home vibe of being back in Austin with a subtle dash of eco-intent sprinkled into my everyday awareness.

Yesterday, I caught myself in a moment where I realized that I had once again become that image of green trendiness that I was back in San Francisco, only this time it was not forced but rather just a natural evolution. Below is a brief recap of my day. I realize that to most people I seem eccentric at best. Luckily, I was taught very early on in my life that one of the greatest gifts in life is to be able to laugh at oneself. Therefore I am comfortable taking actions that others may consider odd/silly/stupid, and if there is even the smallest chance that I might be able to provide a new perspective to someone, then it makes it worth it.
  • Morning: Wake up. Make a soy protein smoothie because I ran out of Ultimate Meal - bummer.
  • Mid-morning: Go for a run. Wearing my "Do Good Often" t-shirt. People are staring - either at my odd running style, my chest, the t-shirt, or all of the above.
  • Late-morning: Go to Whole Foods, grab a wheat grass shot, some ultimate meal, and a BPA free water bottle (I left my other one at the pool the other day).
  • Lunch: PTerrys to pick up all natural organic hamburger and veggie burger for my niece and nephew.
  • Afternoon: Attend the grand opening of a new eco-conscience skincare boutique - W3LL People (Hippie Tested, Diva Approved).
  • Late-afternoon: Prepare/decorate for couple's baby shower I am co-hosting. On tap: Blueberry Izzy's (with vodka), Sushi (veggie), Blueberry Shortcake Cupcakes (vegan), Veggie Platter, Cheese Platter, all served on recycled plastic PRESERVE brand (awesome!) and biodegradable corn starch plastic cups.
  • Evening: Party time - big success! An eco-party and no one even flinched:-)
So there you have it. A few green moments that felt effortless thanks to an increased accessibility on several levels and an ingrained awareness. I believe I may have even managed to fuel some giggles (either by me or at me - it really doesn't matter!:-)

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