Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cynic or Softy: Socially Responsible Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's day is a conflicting holiday of which people typically fall into two categories. First, the die hard romantics who thrive on the sentiments that Valentine's day brings. Second, the bitter and cynical few who are quick to blame this "Hallmark" holiday as coprorate conspiracy to increase consumption. Regardless, when it comes to socially conscious gifts of the heart there is something for everyone. The Green Guide recently came out with their list of V-Day gift ideas, and below are some of our favs: Ethically sourced gifts, housewares and accessories.
Organic Style: Buy Organic Roses and 5% goes to charity.
Furturenatural: For Natural and Organic Pampering.
EconsciousMarket: For gifts that support charities (50% goes to a charity).

Whatever category you fall in, single or coupled, take a moment to appreciate all the loved one's in your life. Or, if you prefer to stay cynical and bitter, at least forego the bon bons and consider curling up with some fair trade chocolate instead.

Via: Naturalpath