Monday, May 14, 2007

Andrew Weil Prescribes Biodiesel for the Planet

Alternative health guru Dr. Andrew Weil M.D. is spreading his message of integrative health to the environment. Using vegetable oil from a Tucson restraunt, Weil brews his own biodiesel fuel in his garage. Appropriately referred to as the "Bio-Depot," Weil runs several vehicles and is so impressed by the efficiency, he wants to spread the biodiesel world in a co-op format to Tucson residents.

Founder of one of the leading integrative medicine progams at the University of Arizona, Weil reported the following to the Arizona Daily Star:

"We have to be very immediately concerned about finding solutions for the toxic effects the combustion engine has on human health," he said. For starters, he notes that biodiesel fuel cuts asthma-causing particulates and carbon monoxide in vehicle exhaust by nearly 50 percent, releases far fewer cancer-causing compounds into the air, and cuts down on ozone and smog now choking us and our planet."

This is an important step briding the worlds of integrative health and sustainable living. Andrew Weil has the clout and leadership to help to educate and create real change when it comes to preserving our health and protecting the environment. Very exciting! Check out the rest of the article here.

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Jeffrey Dach MD said...

Perhaps you have seen the Andrew Weil article entitled, "Dr. Debunker: The Truth About the Fountain of Youth" in the June 2007 AARP magazine which gives retired folks advice about anti-aging and longevity. I have considerable respect for Dr. Weil and have followed his work over the years. But this article had some serious errors.

see more at:

Dr. Weil and his AARP article