Monday, February 12, 2007

No More Wire Hangers!

Who knew Mommie Dearest was such an environmentalist when she so manically claimed no more wire hangers ever!! Typically, in the "green" world when we think of dry cleaners we think of the potential toxins of chemical cleaners and not the hangers. The fact is about 3.5 billion wire hangers escape from closets around the country and end up in landfills. Hanger Network has come up with an eco-friendly solution via eco-hangers which are made from 100% recyled paper so no trees are harmed and they are fully recyclable. It is a unique business model encouraging dry cleaners (who receive the eco-hangers for free in comparison to normally paying 8 cents a piece for wire hangers), as the main channel of distribution. Customers come home with their clothes on a a conveniently branded eco-hanger. While the company is currently only in test markets of New York and San Francisco, stay tuned for an eco-hanger dry cleaner near you!

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Jonas said...

I once lived next to a professional skate boarder named Mark Shays who signed an endorsement deal with a company called Hangars. If you ever see me with Hangars gear on, its cuz he gave my roomates and I a buncha Hangars clothing when we were poor teachers in LA and some of it has lasted this long. Oh, Hangars Company, where have you gone?!?! Anyway, that's all I have to say about hangars right now.