Thursday, February 8, 2007

Al Gore, Oprah, and Green

When Al Gore and his documentary "An Incovenient Truth" were featured on Oprah back in December, it was clear that the "O" factor was hitting the green movemnet big. Being the loyal Oprah follower and green devotee, I watched the show which was basicallya plug for the DVD and ultimately Al Gore should he decide to position himself for future political endeavors (but I am not a politico, I will leave it to the experts to advise that effort). Well, with the recent announcement of Al Gore's nomination for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, it is clear that the "O" factor amongst other influences has brought heightened awareness of the green movement and global warming.

Skeptics and opponents of Al Gore believe he is trying to "scare us green." It is a relevant point because when we see evidence that is shown in "An Inconvenient Truth," the steps to take action can seem paralyzing. And while fear may be an initial response, it is clear that the small changes make a big difference.

Perhaps we each need to embrace our inner "Oprah" and become impassioned and educated enough to spread the word that we can make a difference.


Jonas said...

Now I can't get "Let's Stay Together" out of my head. Thanks, Al Green.

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