Friday, October 5, 2007

Master Cleanse Confessions

After a few months of riding a manic wave of exciting new opportunities/events and emotional endings, I finally discovered some down time. In a true wellness spirit I committed myself to the Master Cleanse. While I will refrain from the physical and emotional drivers that sparked my desire to perform such an act, I thought I would share a few user-friendly insights from the quasi 5 day journey.

Day 1: I immediately woke up with body aches, nausea and an headache (note: this could be due to the sugar high I encountered the night before to "kick-off" my cleanse).

I should point out that I have always been a big believer in the mind-body connection and very early in my life, I became hooked on the Louise Hay book You Can Heal Your Life which makes the connections of specific physical ailments to their emotional counter part and provides a healing "mantra." Yes, this was in my most extreme "woo woo" days, but I should point out that friends and family to this day still call me with a specific ailment and ask me to refer to the book to identify their mental meanings/blocks. Anyways, I get that this cleanse was more mental for me than physical, so I totally acknowledge that I am creating this. Regardless, I spend the day somewhat useless with body aches, chills, headache and have to move most of my meetings. I can barely even stomach the master cleanse drink, but probably had about three glasses.

Day 2: Wake up and the headache and body aches are gone, but experiencing total stiffness in my joints and hips. Look in my Louise Hay book and find that hips represent moving forward in life with joy and ease. Of course! Make an appointment with Holy Miro - my eastern european masseuse and feel much better. Even manage to get some work done attend a few meetings - albeit a bit spacey.

Day 3: Feelin' good! Typical on day three. So to celebrate I have a cup of coffee. Yes that is right - I am drinking coffee with my master cleanse. My bet is this is not recommended.

Day 4: Seeing the light and the major emotional roadblocks and physical cravings that inspired the cleanse seem to be dissipating.

Day 5: Enjoying a delicious gingerbread pancake, processing the week of very vivid dreams, and ready to start anew! Goals accomplished:-)

Note: this is definitely not the appropriate and recommended process to pursue a cleanse (or break it). Always check with your doctor or health care professional for identifying the appropriate steps you need to take to accomplish your cleansing goals.


Anonymous said...

How can you say you did the MC when you had coffee and a pancake??? That's not the MC. The whole point is to shut down your digestive tract so your body can repair other areas.
All you did was starve yourself for a few days for no reason.

Anonymous said...

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