Monday, April 9, 2007

Skip yourself to Health

As I took my morning run around town lake this morning I saw a man skipping. Literally skipping, listening to his ipod, hands waving in the air. He was clearly in the moment having a ball and getting a pretty rockin' cardio workout in the meantime. So as I read this article from the Organic Consumers Association and how easily it is to place our societal problem of obesity on various parties including the government and the food industry, I realized that as much as these parties are to blame, it is also about personal accountability.

We live in a time where we look for quick fixes and others expecations as an indicator of what we should be doing when it comes to health and losing weight. When what we really should be doing is taking all of the information, filtering it through our thought process, holding on to what resonates and letting the rest go. It is about being mindful of our bodies and how we treat them. Marc David does an excellent job of explaining this relationship in his book The Slow Down Diet. So next time you feel the angst of what you "should" be doing or catch yourself "blaming" third parties, take a moment of pause and listen to your body. And if nothing else, go for a quick skip to put things in perspective:-)

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Jonas said...

Or, ya know, you could just do the JMS. Works for my pops.