Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Maroon 5 shares the Kiva love!

Maroon 5 has jumped on the bandwagon in supporting this
amazing organization at a recent fundraiser in LA. is an
organization that allows you to make direct small loans to people all
around the world who need help. There is no "middle-man" so all the
money you loan goes directly to the people you choose. The event was
organized by screenwriter Gene Hong and hosted by former head of ABC,
Jamie Terses. Actors Ryan Reynolds and Jeremey Sisto also came to
share the Kiva love at the Casino Night fundraiser.

Following the inspiration and leadership of Muhammed Yunus who
recently won the Nobel Peace Prize for developing the concept of
micro-credit and founder of Grameen Bank, is providing
tangible personal steps to empower others in developing countries.

Check out the Maroon 5's myspace page for a link to

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